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Tourmaline Bracelet

Tourmaline Bracelet

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Discover the Enigmatic Beauty of Raw Black Tourmaline

Delve into the allure of raw black tourmaline, a gemstone treasured for its unique appearance and historical significance. Celebrated for its deep, opaque black hue enriched with subtle brown or grey streaks, black tourmaline makes a captivating addition to any collection.

The allure of black tourmaline extends beyond its visual appeal. Historically, it has been part of various cultures, with Dutch traders in the 1700s utilizing its unique properties. The name "tourmaline" itself is inspired by the Sinhalese phrase for "mixed gems", reflecting its diverse nature.

Renowned for its bold color and glassy to matte lustre, black tourmaline often presents a uniform colour and may have barely visible striations. Its rich, consistent coloring and potential for varied patterns give each stone a unique character.

As an object of interest and study, black tourmaline has been associated with a rich tapestry of historical lore. Ancient cultures often regarded it as a symbol of protection.

For those who appreciate the wonders of natural minerals, black tourmaline offers an intriguing presence. It is said to be a grounding stone that many find to be a significant and beautiful part of their home decor. In addition to its decorative appeal, it is commonly used to adorn technology spaces due to its believed ability to harmonize with the environment.

To maintain the pristine condition of your black tourmaline, simply wash it with soap and water. Rinse under a tap and pat dry or allow it to air dry, which is sufficient to keep your stone looking its best.

Invite the mystique and elegance of black tourmaline into your space and enjoy the touch of nature's own artistry. 


  • Style: New Classical/Post-modern

  • Material: Raw Black Tourmaline

  • Brand name: MCeiba

  • OriginChina  

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